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Our NJ Wedding Limo.com Company is specialized on providing limousine services and car transportations. NJ Wedding Limo.com is so developed, that it has several branches in different places of America, as New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Connecticut CT, Pennsylvania PA, Maryland MD, Delaware and SOUTH Florida. If you like to travel a lot or do it only because of your duty-bound, you do not have to worry about your transportation during your trip. Among our satisfied customers are the whole families, a huge number of businessmen, whom we helped to keep their reputation, and merely simple people who needed just to be transported from one point to another.

NJ Wedding Limo.com is one of the most professional and reliable limousine service offering Companies. Travelling with us means always to do this with comfort, luxury and to be safe all the time during the trip. We do care about every our customer we ever have served, because our company’s moto is: clients’ satisfaction is our award. We try and always manage to do our best, because we care about our reputation and your reputation. We have been active on the limo market for many years and the huge advantage that differentiates our company from the others is a big and precious experience. We can predict all unpleasant situations and in advance we do everything possible and impossible to avoid them.

There are some beautiful and memorable moments in the life, which remain in memory for long time. Our company NJ Wedding Limo.com will make these moments unforgettable. These beautiful and memorable events really have to be mentioned and celebrated with your dear parents and friends, with people who love you. Such events are weddings, christenings, birthday parties night out parties, proms, sweet 15 and sweet 16, junior proms, corporate parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, transportation to casino, super bowl, transportation to the museum, concert or any Shaw and many other events and dates which have an importance for you.

The most important thing is that for any event, even for the point-to- point transportation, you never will be late and during the whole trip you will feel comfortable and will be treated as a VIP. You can trust us and rely on us and our drivers, because we are working with the best professionals in the area. They are very polite and will transport you safety and in luxury.

Our Company NJ Wedding Limo.com has the widest Limo Fleet in the area and due to this fact it is an absolutely ideal choice to celebrate your special occasion. We can boast of the following cars, which make part of our property and Limo Fleet: Hummer White Limousine, Hummer Black Limousine, Hummer Pink Limousine, Hummer Yellow Limousine, Hummer Red (coming soon) Limousine, Hummer Transformer Limousine, Hummer Transformer Double Axle Limousine, Cadillac Escalade White Limousine, Cadillac Escalade Black Limousine, Dodge Durango Pink Limousine, Lincoln Navigator Limousine, Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine, Rolls Royce 1957 Vintage Style Limousine, 30 Pass Lincoln Navigator Jet Door Limo

As you can see by yourself, our Limo Fleet is really rich and we have a huge number of options to offer you. Our Limousines are different by their capacity and, of course, colors. Only In Our NJ Wedding Limo.com Company you can find only for you a perfect and absolutely unique vehicle for any kind of event. Our Limousines of funny and summer colors make itself a kind of attribute of a holiday and symbol of the summer itself. For people who are faithful to the regular colors we can offer white and black limos which are fittable for all the occasions. Our Vehicles are designed to fulfill all modern requirements and in accordance with the last tendencies and are equipped with all modern amenities as Audio and Video Systems, neon lightening, AC, bar and many others. But remember, that in any case, you are the one who makes the important decisions and decide for him!

In order to know more details you can call our office anytime. Our dispatch system is working 24/7 in order to give you support and provide you the best service you ever have been provided.

Our latest news

New Hummer Transformer Double Axle

Sensation! We have in service new H2-Transformer Double Axle which looks great, especially if it is for your wedding party or transportation for your best party you ever had. Awesome white color in complex with luxury and vogue design will become the greatest decoration of your event – wedding, birthday, night out or, simply, transportation from point to point. It will make a real furor and you will achieve the desired effect on your guests and all people in surrender. Trust our experience and let us take care of your reputation, because our reputation depends on the service we provide.

Pink Limo Boom

Our NJ Wedding Limo is the limo service providing company where you will find the best service and the greatest cars. We offer you not only our vehicles, but our children we take care, and the most eminent vehicles are Dodge Durango and The Hummer H2, which are remarkable not only because of their luxury and great design, but also because of their bright and very popular color – the Pink! If you need for your birthday party or for your bachelorette party or for a night out a Pink Limo – we are glad to help you! Our brilliant Pink Dodge Durango and Pink Hummer H2 are vehicles you always desired and have been waiting for! Pink is an extraordinary color which will make you evident among grey and boring streets. Your happy mood and aim to have a great time will be clear for all people, especially for your friends and guests! Just think about to make your life a little bit more colorful and add a part of yourself in all the organization! Make others notice you, you are unique and only for you, the personality, we offer our best and most lovely limousines!

Unique Yellow Hummer

Hummer H2 brand itself is very noticeable and becomes more and more popular and famous, but the mixture of aggressiveness and powerfulness characteristic for the Hummer military brand with the bright summer colors makes them unique and unrepeatable for our customers, especially if it is yellow color. Yellow Hummer is something absolutely new in the limousine industry. If you want to be unique and innovator you are on the right way to do this. Our Company  provides very advantageous packages for this Vehicle, but the impressions and experience you will get can not be compared with anything else. It is the newest our offer, just take your chance!

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