Hummer H2

Hummer Limo

Hummer White is an amazing limousine similar to a noble horse of old times. It is luxury vehicle which is absolutely suitable for weddings, birthday parties, proms and many other events. White Hummer combines in itself aggressive features of Hummer brand’s vehicle and its white color’s gentleness ad softness. It is designed to fulfill all your wishes and inquirements. The interior of the car is equipped with the most modern sound and video systems, AC, bar and all other amenities. It is a perfect choice for you and your friends. 


Hummer H2 Black


Hummer H2 black limo

Black is very hot and stylish color and in combination with the Hummer brand it becomes the unique and very attractive vehicle. Black Hummer is stylish in vogue limousine which will be very helpful in case you would like to organize a party or some other great time spending where you will need transportation from point to point or the hourly service. Our new Hummer Black is designed only for you to make your dreams true. If you would like to see it you are welcome to come to the showroom, where our managers will show you the cars and will provide you the full information about the special prices.


Hummer Conversion

Hummer transformer

Hummer Transformer Limousine is designed for Hummer brand lovers to surprise them by new shapes and new possibilities. Hummer Vehicles are known for their strength and possibility to overcome any landscape difficulties. This strength is combined with luxury and awe in the Hummer Transformer Limousine. Its passengers feel  strong and powerful and at the same time safe and stable. It is very important and precious quality to make passengers feel comfort for any vehicle designer. But Hummer Transformer Limousine attract our attention not only by its comfortability, but also by its stylish exterior look. It makes to feel its perfectness and power. This limousine makes to fall in love with him at the first glance. All necessary equipment is set in the salon of this unique and fabulous limousine: DVD and CD system will make your trip more captivating and will allow you enjoy you favorite songs or movies, or do not miss episode of the movie you can live without; a bar with soft drinks and champagne will help you to relax and enjoy the time; neon lightening and all other laser lights will entertain you during the trip and create an atmosphere of fun and play. Just call us for more info about this perfect vehicle and we will be glad to help you.




Cadillac Escalade

Lincoln Towncar limo

Cadillac Escalade is one of the popular limousine models because of its originality and gentle and nice exterior look. This car has inside all necessary for an unforgettable and comfortable trip: all kind of neon lightening, shining lights around the salon, a marvelous bar and modernist AC, Sound and Video Systems, several TV screens, so, in a word, everything to make you happy while riding. Cadillac Escalade White is the best vehicle for weddings, proms, birthdays and other events. 

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln limo

Lincoln Town Car did not lose its popularity even a wide range of big SUV Limousines appeared because the Lincoln Town Car is considered a classic limousine. It has been the greatest invention in domain of transportation. First celebrities and Hollywood Stars had in their garage such a car to transport them at their greatest events and parties. Lincoln Town car will never become forgotten because of its classic and stylish design which is appropriate most of all for weddings and business meetings, and for many other events.



Yellow Hummer

Hummer Yellow

Yellow Hummer is one of our newest vehicles we have acquired to make happy our customers. If you are brave and do not afraid of being bright and shining – so this perfect and ideal vehicle is your choice! Colorful interior of the Hummer makes it an ideal vehicle for summer parties with your best friends or even for happy and funny birthday parties. Yellow Hummer is unique and original in the whole New Jersey area, so do not hesitate to call and get information about this marvelous vehicle, because somebody else can book it before you, if you do not hurry up! So make decision quickly and let’s have fun in an amazing Yellow Hummer, which is equipped according the last tendencies. 

Pink Hummer

New Pink Hummer

Hummer Pink Limousine will make gelouse any glamorous super star if you order this vehicle. Pink Hummer is a perfect choice for girl’s birthdays and sweat sixteens, bachelorette parties or even if you want to be at the bottom of the attention. Pink Hummer is very bright limousine, which will make your mood and holiday better and brighter. We are almost unique company that can provide you Pink Hummer. It is really very impressive vehicle, equipped with the newest amenities, which will make your trip unforgettable and will allow you to enjoy the riding in the Pink Hummer Limousine.


Hot Red Hummer

Red Hummer


The innovation, dear friends! A new Red Hummer will make you happy! Our Company has the aim to be in a foot over time and provides you a Hot Red Hummer. Red Hummer will make gelouse and envy everyone who will see you riding in it! Our new hottest red Hummer has in salon all necessary equipment to make you feel comfortable: Air Condition, Audio and Video System, bar, neon and all other kinds of lights and many other. Just dare to order a red Hummer for your event and make it unique and unforgettable.


Cadillac Escalade Black

Cadillac Escalade Black


Cadillac Escalade Black is the SUV Limousine, but its small and compact variation. If you need luxury and stylish vehicle and do not want big limousines, Cadillac Escalade Black is your perfect option! It has all the amenities as the big Escalade, bar, TV-screens, Neon lights, Audio and Video System. This Vehicle can become your favorite because of its marvelous combination of exterior look and color with its interior design. This Vehicle can be used for any occasions you will ever have!


Pink Dodge Durango

Pink Dodge Durango


Pink vehicles always have been popular among girls. Usually it is used for birthdays and bachelorette parties. You can make the furor if appear at the Pink Dodge Durango. Just imagine girl who are going to have fun at the bachelorette party and say good bye to a single life at the girlish vehicle which symbolize the gentleness and care, feminine beginning and girlish happiness with naivety. You will attract attention of everybody who is able to appreciate such a beauty, and others even do not deserve you! Pink Dodge Durango is a spacious Limousine and be sure all your party will fit their with comfort. For more information call us 24/7.                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Our latest news

New Hummer Transformer Double Axle

Sensation! We have in service new H2-Transformer Double Axle which looks great, especially if it is for your wedding party or transportation for your best party you ever had. Awesome white color in complex with luxury and vogue design will become the greatest decoration of your event – wedding, birthday, night out or, simply, transportation from point to point. It will make a real furor and you will achieve the desired effect on your guests and all people in surrender. Trust our experience and let us take care of your reputation, because our reputation depends on the service we provide.

Pink Limo Boom

Our NJ Wedding Limo is the limo service providing company where you will find the best service and the greatest cars. We offer you not only our vehicles, but our children we take care, and the most eminent vehicles are Dodge Durango and The Hummer H2, which are remarkable not only because of their luxury and great design, but also because of their bright and very popular color – the Pink! If you need for your birthday party or for your bachelorette party or for a night out a Pink Limo – we are glad to help you! Our brilliant Pink Dodge Durango and Pink Hummer H2 are vehicles you always desired and have been waiting for! Pink is an extraordinary color which will make you evident among grey and boring streets. Your happy mood and aim to have a great time will be clear for all people, especially for your friends and guests! Just think about to make your life a little bit more colorful and add a part of yourself in all the organization! Make others notice you, you are unique and only for you, the personality, we offer our best and most lovely limousines!

Unique Yellow Hummer

Hummer H2 brand itself is very noticeable and becomes more and more popular and famous, but the mixture of aggressiveness and powerfulness characteristic for the Hummer military brand with the bright summer colors makes them unique and unrepeatable for our customers, especially if it is yellow color. Yellow Hummer is something absolutely new in the limousine industry. If you want to be unique and innovator you are on the right way to do this. Our Company  provides very advantageous packages for this Vehicle, but the impressions and experience you will get can not be compared with anything else. It is the newest our offer, just take your chance!

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